Online Fraud

What Are The Different Types Of Investment Scams?

Investment online scams are getting increased day by day. Scammers like Ilan Tzroya made people fool on the name of various fake investment deals. Fake investment deals are the one which does not exist in reality. They just make people believe that there is a particular investment plan and if you invest money in it you get lots of beneficial outcomes. However, in reality, people end up losing all of their money or most of it.



So it’s high time that we raise our voice against all these online investment scams. This article is for this only. It consists most of the different type of investment scam which helps you understand them well.


Advance payment scheme


In this particular scheme, an investor is asked to pay the advance payment for getting extra perks of the investment plan. People get scammed by the fake profitable deals they promise to give them. After people make payment of advance fees they never get a second chance to make contact with the so-called online investment company.


Exempt securities scam



In this type of scam, you may get a phone call asked to sign some paper and documents and will be told that this investment is only for some wealthy people. But you are an exception and get a wonderful chance of becoming an investor in our reputed company and make an investment. So be alert against these so-called high profiled investments.


Foreign exchange scams


Foreign exchange trading which is also called Forex in short form is a large international trading market. It consists of highly reputed investment companies. However, not all the Forex schemes are genuine and fraud-free. The technology and professionals they used is unbeatable. That’s why Forex trading is very risky if it is fake.


Offshore investment scam



In these scams, companies make promises of huge profit if you send out money offshore to the other countries. The main aim in these scams is to fraud you on the name of lower taxes. So be doubtful against these kinds of tax-lowering schemes and combat yourself from getting scammed by the scammers.


Pension investment scams


This type of scams mainly targets older citizens of the country who are going to retire from their jobs. As we know retired people must have their retirement locked-in money account. And you cannot access this account if you do not reach a certain age. This scam often promoted online and shows scheme in which you can use your LIRA for getting a loan and all that.


These are the top five most often take place investment scams. Be alert against all these types of scams. So that no one can easily fraud on the name of these fake investment schemes.