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Tips For Designing EDDM Postcards

People who are running a business are much aware of EDDM postcards and also want to use this as a promotion strategy. But there are some guidelines provided by the USPS which needs to be followed in order to design an EDDM postcard. The response from the people is highly dependent on the design of your postcard because this is the first medium through which people can know about your company. If you are not good at designing you can also hire someone to make it for you. Below are some of the designing tips to create an attractive as well as Cheap Postcards EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail).


The very first thing which you need to include in the postcard is your company name, company logo, contact number and the official website so that the people who are receiving your postcard find it easy to know about the details of your company and also make sure to write clearly about the services provided by your company in the postcard.

Add attractive images

People always tend to remember visual things for a longer time as compared to reading and also check the images first before reading the words. So don’t compromise by the looks of your postcard and be wise in choosing the right image considering the mindset of the audience.

Color Coordination

Whatever images and texts you have used to make your postcard eye catchy, always keep the color consistent in the whole card. You can also keep the color coordinated with the company logo. Try to highlight the colors which you used in your company logo.


Always write the headline and other important things which your company offers in bold letters. This will help your postcard to grab more attention. Clearly mention the things which people cannot get in any other place.  Show the people why you are different is the best way to approach them.

Add coupons

To get the quick response from people, try to add coupons or mention discounts in your postcard but make sure to give a limited time offer because most people love to delay which is beneficial for your company. Offers and discounts attract people and make them visit your store. This is the best strategy to increase the traffic to your business.

These are the tips which will help you to make proper and attractive postcards. There also several tools available online which you can use to design a postcard by yourself.