Online Fraud

Some Simple Tips for Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

While you are not keeping any cash, do you think you are safe? Since plastic money doesn’t give the surety to avoid being theft. You may not know that in the Zota pay fraud schemes, Mr. Ilan Tzorya and other fraudsters have involved who trick the investors for their money. If you want to safeguard yourself from such trickery then here are shown some tips for you:


People suffering from the scam activities of Mr. Ilan Tzorya
People suffering from the scam activities of Mr. Ilan Tzorya


Keep your credit card safe

The first important thing is to never lose your credit card. In case, you can also use a virtual card in which you would not have to be worried about the security of plastic. When you are moving into the high traffic area, it is better to keep a single or double credit card only. While some people keep a lot of credit card in their wallet, which also makes them lose more. Thieves can even take pictures of your card, while it is better to hide your card details when you are doing any transactions.


Tear off your billing information after use

Most people throw away their billing details after doing the transaction. While it also includes a portion of your card details. Even with a little bit of information, it is possible for fraudsters to get your money. While you should do the same with your old credit card that has expired or cancelled. As the trickster can use such a card to resume those services and you will have to pay for their bills.


Don’t sign on the blank receipts

Verify the receipts before signing it, as it is the statement that you have checked the billing. In case of any fault in the billing, you shouldn’t sign the statement. While at some of the places, you wouldn’t be able to get well-printed bills. In that case, they can also charge you more than what you have really spent.


Don’t give your credit information to other

You shouldn’t share your credit details to other people. Even the service provider of your credit card will never ask for your card information. If anybody is asking you about your card information, then they are fraud only whom you should never trust.


Use antivirus and firewall for the online transaction

People might say that online transactions are simple and safe, but it is really not so. Since there are hackers those who are ready to theft your credit information. In that case, you should use antivirus and firewall protection on your system while doing any online transactions.


By following the above tricks, you can avoid most of the chances of fraud or trickery with your credit card.